About Me

My story in equestrianism began when I met my partner Sophie, who ran an equine rescue centre in Leeds. She invited me down to volunteer on the yard after I had made fun of her claims of the hard work involved in horse care. I was quickly proved very wrong indeed, but that’s not to say I was put off in the slightest. I had caught the bug and shortly gained employment in the world of equine rescue and strived to learn all I could. It has since been my dream to work with these wonderful creatures.

I wanted to be in a position to help equines of all shapes and sizes and quickly learned that hoof health was often an area of concern. Subsequently, I enrolled on a diploma in equine podiatry in 2015 with Equine Podiatry Training LTD. I qualified with a diploma in June 2018 and am a fully-fledged member of the EPA UK.


Working in equine welfare it was inevitable that we would collect a pony or two (or five!) of our own along the way. Over the years we have had a lot of fun together and they have taught me more than I could’ve imagined, often acting as my Guinea pigs and case studies.

Archie, our OAP who lives a life of luxurious retirement. Despite being a big lad, he is a very sensitive individual and it has taken a lot of time to gain his trust. Given the opportunity, Archie would live solely on carrots.


Bessie, was rescued with her brother Bobby in 2013 as an extremely emaciated foal with infections in her feet from standing in filthy conditions for so long. It took a lot of hard work and heart ache to rehabilitate Bessie physically and address her behavioural issues. The hard work has paid off and Bess is now a very sweet and trusting pony.


Bobby, rescued alongside Bessie, was the same sad story. To see him now however, you could never imagine his unfortunate past. Bobby, despite being dinky, considers himself as leader of his herd and takes this responsibly very seriously. He is a very kind pony and never puts a hoof wrong.


Pixie, came to us from the RSPCA as a very nervous pony. She is a very intelligent and cheeky individual, who I’m proud to admit often outsmarts me, she has proved to be quite the Houdini. She enjoys problem solving and clicker training.


Tiger-lily, is very much my partner in crime, and we are often seen racing about the local bridleways, me red faced and exhausted, Tiger not breaking a sweat. I’m very pleased to say that Tiger sports a set of fantastic rock crunching hooves, we are yet to discover a surface she is not happy to trot over. Tiger has begun her training to become a driving pony.


And last but not least, my pal Bramble, the leaning lurcher who may be seen accompanying me on my round.