What happens at a standard consultation?

-An initial consultation should take around 90 minutes, following visits won’t take this long. Prior to my visit I will ask you to fill out a form to give me some basic information about your horse including any concerns you may have.

-During an initial visit, we will discuss your horse and any issues that are cause for concern and your goals for the future.

-I will then take an initial look at your horse and its feet, take photographs and make notes which will be used to monitor progress as accurately as possible.

-I will then assess your horses gait, so an area where a walk and trot up can be performed will be required.

-I will then provide a balanced trim of the hooves, a safe area to do this in will be required and clean dry legs and hooves will always be appreciated.

-I’ll then take another set of post trim photos and take some notes.

-We will then discuss my observations, the hoof health of your horse and any action that is required. We will formulate an achievable hoof care programme and discuss management changes for you to implement in-between visits. I will leave you with a written report containing my findings and recommendations.



I charge £40 for a consultation, discounts can be arranged for multiple horses on the same yard.

I am based in Leeds and cover West Yorkshire and surrounding areas. I’m happy to travel a little further afield, although a reasonable fuel charge may be added.


Please get in touch to arrange a consultation:

Tel no. 07837347828

Email – dkequinepodiatrist@gmail.com